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5 Yoga Poses for Desk Workers

If you sit at a desk all day, your body is going to suffer. You probably notice it already in the form of stiffness and pain. Eventually, it could end up affecting your whole ... read more

5 Ways Chiropractic Care Leads to a Healthier Lifestyle

People often come in to my office with some sort of symptom or health crisis, but more and more people who are already generally healthy are coming in because they understand ... read more

Things To Remember When Life Gets Rough

Despite our positive attitudes and hard work, life isn't always going to hash out perfectly. These twists and turns are what make it interesting (and, yes, sometimes c ... read more

How Travel Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

For many people, the dream is to work hard to earn the money and time freedom to be able to travel. What I didn't realize when I set out on my first overseas trip  ... read more

Bad Habits That Might Be Hurting Your Business

There's a lot of work involved with getting your business off the ground (and keeping it running, for that matter), but what if you're putting in 70+ hours of work and ... read more

31 Days of Amazing Day 4

My entire life I have just wanted to help people but I also loved the freedom and comforts that money can buy. I ne ... read more

31 Days of Amazing Day 3

With the many tools available to business owners today, it’s easier than ever to get more done in less time. ... read more

31 Days of Amazing Day 2

One of the very first pieces of advice I ever received when I started my original business was to always have a focus on growing and developing as a person as I worked ... read more

Advanced Twitter Tips

You've been on Twitter for awhile now. You've already optimized your profile, you manage your account with a program like ... read more

Leaving Toxic Friends

Friendship should be a two-way street, but we've all had those "friends" who just can't seem to reciprocate. When you're around them, you feel drained rather than energized. T ... read more