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The Shift That Changes Everything: Religion to Spirituality

In a rapidly changing world, we are seeing the escalated evolution of everything around us, almost as if we are living in Fast Forward mode.  A shift of particular intere ... read more

Stop Getting the Wrong Relationship Message from Your Spiritual Teachers

I'm about to get up on a soapbox and speak about something I've been seeing quite a bit that has been destroying relationships and causing unhappy lives. ... read more

Stop Talking About the Foods You DON'T Eat

Imagine this. You are attending a party where you really don’t know anyone. Eager to strike up conversation, you introduce yourself to a woman and ask her what she does ... read more

Fear is Not Real

Recently, I decided to redo my website. I had hired someone to build it the first time, since I had no knowledge of how to do it myself. I gathered t ... read more

It's All In a Good Night's Sleep {part 1}

A good night’s sleep truly paves the way for an enjoyable and productive day of work and fun. Sleep is a restorative time when your body’s energy is directed inwar ... read more

Overcoming Fear and Saying YES! to a Life of Adventure

I have to admit, I was huffing and puffing on our third day in the world's second highest capital ... read more

The Green Bean Method for Getting Stuff Done [especially when you're feeling overwhelmed]

“But I don’t like green beans” my three-year old nephew recently complained to ... read more

Three Steps to Creating a Million Dollar Lifestyle (Without Winning the Lottery)

  As I w ... read more

The Addictive White Powder That Can Ruin Your Life

In Mary Poppins, a happ ... read more

What's something you plan to try in 2015?

... read more