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Stop Getting the Wrong Relationship Message from Your Spiritual Teachers

I'm about to get up on a soapbox and speak about something I've been seeing quite a bit that has been destroying relationships and causing unhappy lives. ... read more

Stop Talking About the Foods You DON'T Eat

Imagine this. You are attending a party where you really don’t know anyone. Eager to strike up conversation, you introduce yourself to a woman and ask her what she does ... read more

Fear is Not Real

Recently, I decided to redo my website. I had hired someone to build it the first time, since I had no knowledge of how to do it myself. I gathered t ... read more

It's All In a Good Night's Sleep {part 1}

A good night’s sleep truly paves the way for an enjoyable and productive day of work and fun. Sleep is a restorative time when your body’s energy is directed inwar ... read more

Overcoming Fear and Saying YES! to a Life of Adventure

I have to admit, I was huffing and puffing on our third day in the world's second highest capital ... read more

The Green Bean Method for Getting Stuff Done [especially when you're feeling overwhelmed]

“But I don’t like green beans” my three-year old nephew recently complained to ... read more

Three Steps to Creating a Million Dollar Lifestyle (Without Winning the Lottery)

  As I w ... read more

The Addictive White Powder That Can Ruin Your Life

In Mary Poppins, a happ ... read more

What's something you plan to try in 2015?

... read more

Simple Steps for Organizing Your Office

I’ve spent the better part of my entrepreneurial life operating in what I lovingly refer to as an ‘organized mess.’ Recently, a business mentor reminded me t ... read more