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5 Ways to Become a Better Salesperson

Like it or not, you're a salesperson. We all are. It might not be in our ... read more

5 Fun Ways to Beat Your Bad Mood

It happens to all of us: the bad mood. Sometimes we wake up that way, sometimes something (or someone) ignites it, but feeling blue is no fun. ... read more

Core Values in Yourself and Your Relationship

In spite of living in a society that promotes individualism, it seems we're all seeking an intimate relationship. This is good and healthy, and a strong partnership ca ... read more

7 Tips for Making Confrontation as Easy as Possible

As hard as we try to move through life smoothly, keeping everyone smiling along the way, it's not always possible. In the course of our daily business and personal dea ... read more

Tattoos: Health Considerations (and Some Fun Stats!)

More than 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo. Maybe you've considered getting one (or already have one!) to mark a special time in your life, honor a loved one, or ... read more

15 Quotes to Help You Let Go

15 Quotes to Help You Let Go In our lives, we all receive plenty of opportunities to practice letting go ... read more

Tips to Help You Manage Your Email Inbox

Do you dread turning on your computer and facing your overflowing email inbox? You've got to get that thing under control! ... read more

How to Improve Your Writing

Almost every business can benefit from good writing. Whether you're emailing clients or creating content for your blog, being able to communicate in writing is a power ... read more

Develop Your Mental Toughness

Whether you're powering through a tough workout, dealing with a difficult family member, or facing a major setback in your business, you're going to want to call on yo ... read more

Ideas for Your Business This Valentine's Day

Whether you love it or hate it, (we know there are very few who are "neutral" about this particular holiday), Valentine's Day is a diversion after the big let-down fol ... read more