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Fun and Creative Marketing Strategies

When you're starting a new business as a solopreneur or entrepreneur, getting the word out about what you do is a crucial part of your new project. And it probably alw ... read more

How to Stop Second-Guessing Yourself

When we're first starting out in business (and, truthfully, at random stages throughout our lives) it's easy to wonder if we're on the right track. It often feels ... read more

Thoughts That Are Getting In Your Way (And What to Think Instead)

Most of us have battled (and still are battling) a voice in our heads that says we're not enough: not smart enough, not talented enough, not creative enough, whatever. ... read more

How to Beat an Afternoon Slump

It doesn't matter how busy we are or how revved up we are about the work we're doing: sometimes, when 3:00pm hits, we feel like hitting the floor. ... read more

The Case for Not Swearing

If you follow Gary Vaynerchuk, you know he's got a lot of sound advice for entrepreneurs. You might have also picked up on the fact that he swears. Quite a lot. ... read more

How to Get Unstuck

It's bound to happen sooner or later for most entrepreneurs: you get stuck. Maybe you can't seem to latch onto an idea. Maybe your business has hit a plateau. No matte ... read more

5 Words and Phrases to Stop Using

You've got to get your point across. Probably, you're selling something: maybe it's your product or service to the end user; maybe it's your idea to an investor. Whate ... read more

How to Stop Being Late

Probably, you know someone who is habitually late. (Or maybe it's you!) It's irritating when you're waiting on a friend to go to dinner for the 100th time, but when a ... read more

6 Habits for All-Around Success

Success and balance in all areas of your life requires your attention. It requires you to be at your best, and your best is a habit you can cultivate by getting into t ... read more

Strike a Power Pose to Boost Your Confidence

It's a big day: you're meeting with a new potential client, giving a presentation, or closing a deal. You've got to look and feel like you know what you're doing, but ... read more