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How to Let an Employee Go

If you're hiring employees, there's a good chance that, at some point, you're going to have to fire some of them. Maybe they don't put in enough effort or don't have g ... read more

4 Things You Won't Regret Spending Money On

As we get our businesses up and running, we might find ourselves to be strapped a bit financially. In fact, that dwindling bank account might be exactly why we decided ... read more

What A 3-Legged Deer Can Teach You About Business

A few months ago, my dad came across a days-old deer fawn caught in a wire fence. Her leg was in bad shape (she had lost her hind foot) so Dad took her home and helped ... read more

Should You Lower Your Prices?

My boyfriend tells the story of a patient he had when he was just starting his career. She complained about the price of the service time and again, saying she could hardly af ... read more

Creating a Vision Board

Making a list of goals is a great idea, and you should definitely do that. Double up your focus by creating a vision board in addition to that list. A vision board hel ... read more

How Your Health Affects Your Business

It stands to reason that good business would create amazing opportunities for us to take care of our health: we can devote that well-deserved free time to exercise, me ... read more

8 Ways to Practice Connection

We hear it a lot, and as a yoga teacher I say it a lot: we're all connected. But what does it even mean to be connected? Sure, we can contact and receive a reply from ... read more

Simple Ways to Start Developing Your Intuition

We all know the feeling, whatever we'd like to call it: a hunch, a gut feeling, an intuitive hit. Most of us probably even know what it feels like to follow through on ... read more

How To Work On Vacation

One of the great things about being a solopreneur is that, quite often, our work can travel with us! (One of the downsides: our work usually HAS to travel with us. But ... read more

Benefits of Coworking Space

We talked recently about the benefits of get ... read more