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3 Gift Ideas for Your Team Members

By Amanda Sides on Jun 10, 2016

If you have some employees or teammates, you might want to give them a gift or bonus during the holiday season. It certainly won't go unappreciated.

But what to give? There are all sorts of cool office gadgets, luxurious wines and chocolates, gift baskets, and gift cards you will have no trouble finding or thinking of, but here are three more ideas you might not have considered.

Field Trip

Paint ball, concerts, comedy shows, murder mystery games, bowling, painting classes, or wine tasting gives everyone a chance to do something fun they might not do otherwise. Sure, you could get them tickets to do it on their own, but the key element here is that you can spend time with each other, plus they're more likely to do it (instead of putting it off because they can't find the time) if you schedule it and you all go together, especially if you do it while taking the afternoon off work.

Snack Box Subscriptions

Better than a gift basket because it keeps on giving, and you can really cater to the recipient's preferences: sweet tooth, gourmet, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, coffee, and more. Depending on the company, you can usually send a single box or subscribe your lucky recipient for three, six, or 12 months. If you're working closely with just a few people, you probably already have a pretty good idea of what they like to eat, and maybe even what they can't eat. If not, an informal and easily-disguised survey will get you clued in.

Start here: Nature Box, Vegan Cuts, OrangeGlad, Yogi Surprise, MistoBox, Paleo Life Box

Personal Development Tools

Chances are, if they're working with you, they're as devoted to personal development as you are. Gift them with an online course or, better yet, a live event in your town, or pay the airfare and hotel, as well, to get them to an out-of-town event. If that feels a little too extravagant for the budget, consider the latest books or audios.


What are you giving your employees or business partners this year?

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