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31 Days of Amazing Day 1

By Melanie Ethridge on Feb 21, 2016

At Growth Advance, we believe that business can be the greatest vehicle for bringing positive change to the world today. When business is done right, from an authentic, fully conscious place, it provides the fuel for a truly amazing life. We want to empower the business world to wake up to this reality.

For too many years, old school entrepreneurs have chased business success in a way that has disregarded their health, disrespected their relationships, dismissed their fun and left them feeling disconnected relationally and spiritually.

But the business world is changing and smart entrepreneurs today know that it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. Business can – and should – be life-giving, not life-taking. These new era entrepreneurs are building their businesses in a way that not only brings the amazing into their lives, but makes the world around them a better place.

And if you are reading this, then we know you share this mindset.

And we want to celebrate you and help you get your business voice out there. We want to partner with you in paving the way for the next generation of business owners who use this amazing vehicle for great good.

So as we celebrate our One-Year Birthday on July 16th, 2015 (Happy Birthday to us!!!) we are kicking off our #31DaysofAmazing campaign.

For the next 31 days we will be sharing stories that celebrate how business has fueled the AMAZING in the lives of great entrepreneurs just like you. We will be sharing tips, strategies, and our best secrets for creating more fun, increased impact, amplified success, and greater freedom in how you build your business.

And we want to hear from you, too. Using the hashtag #31DaysofAmazing, we want you to share how you are using your business to fuel the amazing in your life. We will share these across our social media platforms – extending your voice to a new, like-minded audience. And we will even feature some of your posts in upcoming issues of Growth Advance Magazine. Here’s how to participate:

On Facebook:

Go to the Growth Advance Facebook page and first, be sure that you have “liked” the page. Then share a comment about how business is fueling the amazing in your life using the #31DaysofAmazing. You can post this directly to our timeline or as a comment on any one of our #31DaysofAmazing posts. After you share how business is fueling the amazing in your life, end the comment with #31DaysofAmazing, and if necessary, tag @GrowthAdvance. For example:

“Five years ago I was overworked, stressed, unhealthy, and just worn out. I decided to start my own business so that I could set my own hours and work in a way that helped me regain my health. Today I work with a team of people I truly enjoy doing something I love. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been and I’m thankful that my business truly is fueling the AMAZING in my life. #31DaysofAmazing”

You can also share #31DaysofAmazing posts about what you are doing during any given day. For example:

“Today I’m working with amazing ladies from my favorite charity to help bring more opportunities to children around the world. I love that being in business empowers me to do this. #31DaysofAmazing.”

On Twitter

Make sure you are following @GrowthAdvance on Twitter. Tweet to @GrowthAdvance about how business is fueling the amazing in your life and include the #31DaysofAmazing. For example:

@GrowthAdvance My biz lets me have a massage break in the middle of the workday. #31DaysofAmazing

On Instagram

Be sure you are following @GrowthAdvance. There are two ways to participate.

One, comment your #31DaysofAmazing thoughts onto any one of the posts we put there over the next 31 days.

Two, share a great photo of how business is fueling the amazing in your life and be sure to tag @GrowthAdvance and use the hashtag #31DaysofAmazing

On Pinterest

Once again, be sure that you are following at GrowthAdvance.

Simply ‘pin’ our #31DaysofAmazing posts and comment about how business is fueling the amazing in your life, again, using the #31DaysofAmazing

Be sure you are connected with us across our social media channels so that you can fully participate in all of the goodness we are going to be bringing out over the next 31 days.

Plus, we are going to be having some fun give-aways so make sure that you are on our #31DaysofAmazing email list so that you will know when those are coming and how you can win some great stuff.

We are excited that you are here with us—both for #31DaysofAmazing and also on this entrepreneurial path. We believe that it is the business owners just like you who will be bringing the greatest good to the world and creating more beauty, more opportunities, and a better life for generations to come. Thank you.

To your amazing, life-giving success,


P.S. Please share this with any entrepreneurs you know who are building businesses to fuel an amazing life. Thanks for getting the word out! When it comes to using business to make the world a better place, the more the merrier! :-) Also join our #31DaysofAmazing mailing list here.

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