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31 Days of Amazing Day 4

By Tammy Marshall on Jun 17, 2016

My entire life I have just wanted to help people but I also loved the freedom and comforts that money can buy. I never believed those two things could be found together.

I knew that I was blessed with the gift of persuasion and it served me well in technology sales as I helped businesses see the benefit of allowing technology to change the way they operated for a more efficient and cost effective outcome.  But I knew that the true place I wanted to use my gift of persuasion was in working to empower individuals to change the way they “do” life for a more effective and fulfilling purpose, so I stepped out of my job and started my own business working in my passions.

Now I get to serve people that I earnestly care about.  It is amazing watching lives, businesses, and communities changed as individuals break out of their limiting beliefs and behavior cycles. It is amazing seeing them go from running from their greatness to stepping into and embracing their greatness.   

It is amazing that every day I get up excited about who I am able to work with that day.  I get excited when I receive a text or an email about a client’s success.  I am amazed that I get to call my own shots, set my own schedule and choose the people I like to work with.  I am amazed everyday how difficult running your own business can be as a solopreneur, but I am also amazed that everyday, no matter how difficult it can be, I get to be serve the clients I want to serve, in the way I would like to serve them on the schedule I choose. 

These are just some of the ways that business fuels the amazing in my life.


Tammy Marshall is a Stress Expert and Emotional Eating Specialist.  She brings 20+ years experience working in the field of addiction blending a host of practices for change.  She is a EFT Practitioner, Certified Life Breakthrough Coach™, Relapse Prevention Specialist™ and Biblical Counselor™ .  She utilizes her training in  Theophostic Prayer , SOZO and Freedom In Christ, to create permanent change in her clients.  If you are willing to change, she provides the tools and techniques to make you able.  Her specialty is empowering her clients to eliminate the anxiety, fear and insecurity driving them to cope (over eat, over spend, drink, drug, panic, fill in your blank) 





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