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4 Benefits of Turning Off Your Phone

By Amanda Sides on Jun 10, 2016

Remember when people had to call you at home, and if you weren't there, they had to wait?

It's almost impossible to imagine that now. We're so accustomed to checking our phones at every opportunity, it's easy to believe we're going to miss something huge if we don't.

And sometimes that's true. Depending on your job or where you are in the process of starting your business, it may indeed be very difficult to go a day without your phone. But there are some highlights, too.

1. You stay present.

Even though we've been guilty of this a time or two, it's still sad to see two people sitting at a dinner table thoroughly engrossed in their screens rather than with each other. With no screen to stare at, you get to enjoy what's actually going on around you. You pay attention. You make conversations with strangers who might turn into friends or business contacts.

2. Your heart doesn't lurch every time you hear a ding.

Who knows what's at the other end of that text message? It could be a reprimand, a request, a demand...usually something that's going to disrupt your day. When you know there's no ding on the way, you can relax more fully. Which helps with #1, too.

3. You learn to trust the people who are helping you.

Let your team know you're going to be out of touch, and trust them to handle any issues that arise. As you realize how capable they are, it's easier to step away for awhile — and you'll build your own confidence in your ability to choose an excellent team.

4. You're incredibly creative.

When we're bored, it's easy to go straight to the phone, either to send that one last email or to play a game to occupy the time. Without the phone as distraction, we can let our thoughts go and use those moments of would-be boredom (waiting in line or riding the bus) to think, imagine, and create.


How long can you go without checking your phone?

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