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5 Fun Teambuilding Activities and Adventures

By Amanda Sides on Jun 12, 2016

You've got a new business. You've got a new team of like-minded individuals who are ready to support you and your vision. So how do you connect with them and get to know each other while maintaining a professional relationship?

There are loads of great teambuilding activities and adventures you could do. Here are a few of our favorites.

Community Service Projects

Can you work together to host a toy drive or volunteer to clean up a park or a stretch of the highway? Giving back feels good and it gives you all a chance to relax and focus on an important task together without the stress of a work-related deadline.

Get Outdoors

You could go hiking or horseback riding, or up the overcome-your-fears factor with rappelling or a scuba diving lesson.

Scavenger Hunt

Write it yourself, or find a local company or one like Watson Adventures, who has professionally designed hunts in many large US cities.

Murder Mystery Party

These are fun and silly, and they give everyone a chance to dress up, play a part, maybe step outside their comfort zones, and ramp up their problem-solving skills. You can order a game from a company like My Mystery Party and host it yourself, or you can search for companies in your area that create and host these parties for you.

Go International

Well, this might be a little out of your budget if you're a brand new company, but put it on your list of things to do when you're established.

Refuga is a company that organizes amazing trips for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and like-minded adventurers. The groups are small and give travelers a chance to connect with fellow business people via discussions and feedback sessions while visiting places like Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, Kenya, and Thailand. How would you like to climb Kilamanjaro with your team?


What kind of teambuilding activities do you do with your partners and employees?

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