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5 Fun Ways to Outfit Your Office

By Amanda Sides on Mar 26, 2017

You spend a lot of time in your office, so don't cut too many corners when it comes to outfitting the space. Even if you're the only person who ever sees it, it's a good idea to find the gear and gadgets that make you love spending time there. Here are a few cool products to make your office happier, healthier, and just more fun.

Standing Desk

Spend less time sitting—without losing the option completely. This stand is adjustable to allow you to sit for a bit, then stand for awhile as you work.

Indoor Wall Planter

Bring the outdoors into your office! Freshen the air and your outlook with flowers, ferns, or herbs that you can harvest for your cooking adventures.


Tea is good for you! Make it easy for yourself to drink it: have this kettle near your desk with a selection of your favorite teas.

It's All Good Sticky Notes

Stay positive with every note-to-self and others. These made us smile as soon as we saw them.

Dramatic Bookends

Create a little visual interest on one of your bookshelves with this silly bookend.


What do you keep in your office to make your work day easier and more fun?


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