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5 Simple Ways to Focus on Your Friendships When Life Gets Crazy

By Amanda Sides on Jun 12, 2016

When we're starting and running a business, sometimes our relationships take a hit. If we're taking extra care to preserve our closest family relationships (maybe our spouses and kids), it could be that our friendships start to suffer as we strive to divide our time between all the people who are important to us.

Here are some easy ways to nurture your closest friendships without sacrificing everything you're working toward.

Keep Quality Over Quantity

Not everyone you meet is going to be a best friend forever, and that's okay. Don't worry about staying close to everyone. Choose those people with whom you truly enjoy spending time, who truly enjoy spending time with you, and make regular dates with them.


Take activities you need or want to do anyway and see who might like to come along. Invite your friends to join you for a workout, go to an art gallery opening, or come over to help you bake cookies for your child's school event.

Do The Little Things

Just because you don't have a spare afternoon to spend with a friend this week doesn't mean you don't have a minute to send a text or a quick email.

Pay Attention to What They Need

If you've got a friend who is always in crisis and calling you for help, he might be more of a toxic friend than a real friend. But for a lot of us, it's difficult to reach out when we need help because we don't want to burden our friends. Therefore, if your friend is reaching out to you, or if you notice she's struggling, do what you can do to help. It might be as simple as making extra soup so you can take her a meal, or picking his kids up from school on your way home from work.

Release Expectations — and Know When to Let Go Completely

Your friends have their own hectic lives, as well. If you're making an effort to maintain the friendship but he's not putting in any effort, it might be time to let that one go until you can both contribute to the relationship.


How do you maintain your closest friendships?

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