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5 Thank You Letters to Write This Year

By Amanda Sides on Jun 10, 2016

At Growth Advance, we make gratitude a year-round habit, but we still love the idea of beginning the year with gratitude.

We have a lot to be thankful for, and in many cases those things are people, especially when it's related to our business. What better time than now to let them know how much we appreciate them? These are the five letters we hope you'll write and send.

To My First Client

Everyone's got to start somewhere, and this person took a chance on you and what you can provide by being your first customer. If this person is still in your books, write a quick note to thank them for their initial (and hopefully continued) support.

To All My Clients

Sending holiday or birthday cards to your clients is a nice gesture, so why not send a thank you note? Thank them for choosing you. Sending a letter early in the year also sets a great tone for your continued work together.

To My Business Mentor

What you learned from this person, both the obvious lessons and the little, sneaky lessons he or she taught by example, have helped make you the entrepreneur you are today. Probably you've been thanking him all along, but he, too, will appreciate this intentional gesture.

To Someone Who Rejected Me

Without being sarcastic, obviously, write a letter to someone who turned you or your business down. From a point of genuine gratitude, thank this person for recognizing that you weren't ready — because his or her rejection hardened your resolve and helped you get ready. Perhaps this isn't one you can send — or maybe it is.

To Myself

Seriously. Thank yourself for your sharp mind and body, for your own determination to make it as an entrepreneur or solopreneur, for each amazing event you've made happen.


Who are you grateful for?

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