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5 Ways to Eat Well in 2017 (and Beyond)

By Amanda Sides on Jan 13, 2017

Eating well even most of the time is a challenge for many people, but for those of us who are starting and running our own businesses, it's even more difficult. Full schedules, last-minute demands, and the simple lack of desire to cook after a long day can mean relying too heavily on fast food and snacks.

Your good health will affect the success of your business, and the food we eat is one of the most powerful ways we can impact our health for the better. These tips will help you drop the bad food habits and fuel your body well this year and beyond.


Plan Your Meals

Take a few minutes once or twice a week to plan your meals for the next few days. If you know exactly what you're going to make, and you take care to get all the necessary ingredients, you won't come home and say, "Ugh, what are we going to have for dinner?" before giving up and ordering pizza or snacking throughout the evening.


Assume You're Going to Get Hungry

3:00pm happens to all of us, and if you're ready for it, it's no big deal. Stash nuts and healthy nutrition bars in your office so you don't fall victim to low energy—or a nearby vending machine.


Flavor with Spices

Herbs and spices offer incredible health benefits and they can turn a boring dish of, say, beans and rice into a flavorful meal. (Beans and rice with cumin, cayenne, and cilantro? Yum!) You don't need extra butter or cheese to make food taste good. Not that there's anything wrong with butter and cheese in moderation. Just keep in mind there are other ways to add flavor.


Get Grocery Delivery

Stores like Safeway, Whole Foods, and CostCo offer online shopping and delivery. Not only will this save you time, it will also help you prevent sugar-filled impulse buys.


Cook With Your Family

Get everyone helping in the kitchen. That way, you don't have to choose between spending time with them and preparing a healthy meal.  


How do you stick to a healthy eating plan?

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