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6 Habits for All-Around Success

By Amanda Sides on Jun 11, 2016

Success and balance in all areas of your life requires your attention. It requires you to be at your best, and your best is a habit you can cultivate by getting into these habits.

Don't Hit the Snooze Button

Fun fact about me: I have never hit the snooze button, not once in my entire life. And I'm so glad. Commit to the time you want to get up, and then get up as soon as your alarm rings. Those extra seven minutes of sleep aren't going to help you feel less tired; they're simply a way of procrastinating.

If you are so tired you can't get out of bed, as yourself why. What needs to change in order for you to wake up on the bright side? A good night's sleep is essential to your success.

Read Every Day

Leaders are readers. You've to keep learning to keep getting better.

Meditate and Visualize

Take time every day to focus on what you want. Visualize it happening. (Have you made a vision board yet? I love mine.)


You've got to take care of your body and stay healthy if you want to accomplish everything on your to-do list. Exercise gives you time to clear your head, and there are countless other benefits as you likely well know.

Give Back

Making positive change through good business starts before your business is even off the ground. Think about how you can donate your time and money to causes that mean something to you. You'll feel good about it, and you'll reinforce the message to yourself that you have plenty to spare and share.

Plan Ahead

Know when you go to bed at night exactly what you need to work on tomorrow. Prioritize those tasks and finish what needs to be finished. Procrastinating causes undue stress, and if you're putting off an activity you don't like, you force yourself to spend more time dreading it and suffering about it rather than just doing it — which you'll have to do eventually anyway — and getting it off your list.


Which of these habits are already a part of your life? Which do you need to add today?

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