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Advanced Twitter Tips

By Administrator on May 13, 2016

You've been on Twitter for awhile now. You've already optimized your profile, you manage your account with a program like HootSuite or Salesforce Social Studio (formerly CoTweet)‎, you Tweet valuable content several times per day, and you always respond to someone when they Tweet at you. Looks like it's time to kick it up a notch.


Diversify Your Content

There are basically five types of content: links, pictures, quotes, retweets, and personal comments. Which one do you use the most? Stay heavy on links or personal comments in particular if that suits your brand and your message, but be sure to tweet the other types of content occasionally, too.

A note on pictures: if you look at your Twitter feed, you'll probably see it's mostly words, so when there is a picture, it really stands out, doesn't it? Don't post pictures every time, but do use them occasionally to add some color and draw attention to your message.


Get Less Wordy

Yes, you have 140 characters to work with, but by keeping it shorter than that you leave room for other people to add commentary if they decide to retweet you. Tighten your tweets to 100-120 characters.



If you add a hashtag to your tweet, you're likely to get twice as much engagement from it. However, if you're using too many of them (in general, more than two), the tweet will actually get less engagement.

Which hashtags are most effective? Get hashtag help with or RiteTag.


Know Your Unfollowers

When you get started on Twitter, it's a good idea to follow a lot of people, and certainly to follow anyone who follows you. As you gain traction, you might notice that some users have stopped following you (or never followed you back in the first place), and others have inactive accounts. Time to clean house! A program like ManageFlitter can help you identify each of those users you might like to unfollow.


Timing is Everything

Tweets have a short lifespan, so you want to be tweeting when people are browsing their feeds. According to Bitly the best time to tweet is any weekday between 1:00-3:00pm. Tweets are less effective after 8:00pm (and after 3:00pm on Fridays). Experiment and get to know your followers; see which days and times generate the most response for you.


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