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4 Benefits Of Getting An Office

By Amanda Sides on Jun 09, 2016

One of the best parts of the entrepreneurial lifestyle? Working from home. What's better than sitting at your computer in your pajamas, having an endless supply of coffee just the way you like it, and being able to take a quick nap if you need to?

Well, productivity, for one. Even if you can have a home office, not everyone thrives with that sort of set-up. Having an office in another location might make your work feel more official, especially for the brand new entrepreneur. Consider the following benefits of an office away from home before deciding where to park your desk:

1. You dress nicer.

When you look good, you feel more confident and competent: good feelings to have when starting and running your own business. Pajamas are lazy clothes, and you don't want to have that lazy vibe during your work day. Having an office somewhere else forces you to put on real clothes, not only making you feel more official, but also making you ready for whatever the day brings (a last-minute opportunity for a meeting, perhaps?).

2. There are fewer distractions.

Let's say you get stuck on a task. Writer's block or something. At home, there are dishes to wash, bathrooms to clean, dinner to make, groceries to buy, a dog to walk (we take so many writer's block walks), and the list goes on. Taking a break from work to take care of these chores could turn into an entire afternoon that leaves you with a clean house but no closer to achieving your business goals.

3. You get clearly defined "work" time.

With a home office, it's easy to get a leisurely start to the day. Maybe you sit down to work, and hop up to do one more thing really quickly before you settle in. Without serious discipline, there's no clear line about when you're at work and when you're not. An office somewhere else makes it simple: when you're at the office, you're at work.

This means you also have clearly defined home and family time. With no home office, there's no temptation to do "one more thing" after dinner. You can relax, go to the gym, and spend time with your family to bring much-needed balance to your life.

4. You have a meeting space.

Need to chat in person with a client or colleague? An actual office provides a professional meeting space where you can invite them if need be. Your home? Probably not.


Is your office at home or in a separate location? What do you like or dislike about your arrangement?

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