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Creating Boundaries Between Work And Your Relationship

By Amanda Sides on Jun 09, 2016

You've got work, and then you've got your relationship with your significant other. All too often, and especially when you're first getting a business up and running, it's easy to neglect your partner in favor of checking one more task off your to-do list.

One of the best parts of having a successful business is being able to manage a balanced life where you have time not only for work, but also for your health, your relationships, your spiritual and personal development, and more.

The danger of getting out of balance is that you don't know how long that imbalance might last or how accustomed to it you might grow. Over time, it can do a lot of damage to your relationship, and you'll be left wondering where it all went wrong.

Chances are, it wasn't one big thing: it was the little things that steadily chipped away at the bond you shared with your partner. Keep these tips in mind for drawing a line between your work and your relationship to benefit them both.

1. Put down your phone.

Isn't it depressing to see a couple at a restaurant on their phones instead of talking to each other? Whether they're working or checking Facebook, the principle is the same: if you're on your phone, you're not present for the people in the room or across the table. Talk with your partner and agree that during certain times (dinner, a date, or while watching a movie together at home) the phone will go unchecked.

2. Schedule relationship time.

Don't wait until you "have time" to go hiking or out to dinner with your partner. Make plans and schedule it into your week. Give your partner your undivided attention during that time.

3. Take care of and responsibility for yourself.

It's okay to vent to your partner about what's happening with your business, but don't turn your frustrations on him when that anger actually has nothing to do with whether or not the trash got taken out.

Maintain balance in other areas of your life, as well. If you're unhappy or unhealthy, you're not bringing your best to your relationship — and that's not fair to your partner, either.

4. Delegate.

Don't assume your partner will pick up the slack at home if you're devoting extra time to work. Talk about it and decide who has time for what chores. If you're both busy, hire someone to clean for you. This simple decision could prevent your partner from growing to resent how much work you left her to do while you were chasing your business dreams.

5. Talk about life, not just work.

A new business is exciting: there is so much brainstorming to do and so many challenges to overcome, and it's tempting to take all that to your partner. Don't let talk about your work consume all your time together. Continue to explore and discuss your other interests.

How do you create boundaries between your business and your relationships?

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