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Do You Need LinkedIn?

By Amanda Sides on Jun 12, 2016

LinkedIn is social media for professionals. It's a way to elaborate on your resume and keep a professional online presence while staying tuned in to trends in your industry.

But. It's yet another social media profile to create and maintain. Is it worth it?

Only you can decide. Here are a few things to consider.

People Will Google You

What do you want them to find? (Have you Googled yourself lately?) A LinkedIn profile gives another opportunity for your smiling face and experience to show up the way you want it to.

It's Another Opportunity to Network

Sure, maybe some of your Facebook contacts overlap your LinkedIn contacts, but you'll also be getting an opportunity to connect with people you might not otherwise. You can join groups and publish posts to your profile to stay active and meet more people. Since LinkedIn is for professionals, the people you're connecting with are looking to connect with an eye toward business.

You Can Build Credibility

Your LinkedIn connections can endorse you for the various skills you claim to be good at, lending valuable third-party validation for what you do.

It's Not Quite as Time-Consuming as Other Social Platforms

Yes, you can log on to read the daily news feed and contribute applicable posts, seek out new connections, and endorse the people you've worked with. But overall, LinkedIn takes less time than Facebook, you don't need to be posting as constantly as you do with Twitter, and you're not quite as likely (at least I'm not as likely) to get caught up in endless newsfeed scrolling because no one on LinkedIn is sharing little bits of nonsense like what they ate for lunch (unless they're caterers, perhaps). People are sharing things you might genuinely find useful for your business. You could create a solid profile and log on maybe once a week to stay updated and share your latest projects.

People Might Be Looking to Work for You

If you're a small-business entrepreneur, you're probably looking to attract high-quality employees now or down the road. LinkedIn allows you to make and keep connections that might help you find and hire those people one day.


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