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Fear is Not Real

By Dr. Krysstine on Jun 15, 2016

Recently, I decided to redo my website. I had hired someone to build it the first time, since I had no knowledge of how to do it myself. I gathered the pictures and wrote the content, but they constructed it and I was grateful for their expertise and knowledge. I found value in the experience since they taught me how to log in to make changes and update the content.

When the time came to redo the site, I knew I could have someone else do it again, or I could build it myself. I looked into “do it yourself” websites and was overcome with fear.

How could I possibly build it myself? I know so little about it! I took a few fleeting stabs at it, unsuccessfully, and pondered over it for at least six months. My mind was in a constant buzz: “You should get this thing done, what is taking you so long? You have to make a decision now; your yearly renewal is coming up!  Maybe I can get my husband to do it, then I won’t have to.  Who else do I know who could help me?”

If I’m honest, I have to admit: I wasn’t really pondering it. I was frozen with fear and no action was being taken.

It is interesting to me how often we let fear hold us back from accomplishing things. What is fear, anyway? False Evidence Appearing Real. And what does that really mean?  

Basically, it means we believe whatever comes into our minds as if it were the truth. That’s pretty powerful stuff, but fear only has that power if you give it that power. Fear can’t take your power, but you give it away by believing whatever your mind tells you.

We’ve all been there, so what can we do about it? When I was dealing with my website, I first had to recognize that it was fear holding me back and delaying any kind of action. That’s not to be confused with reaction, which is how we unconsciously respond to fear: a knee-jerk response to a problem, issue, or circumstance. I was most certainly reacting with procrastination, mind chatter, complaining, whining, and deferring responsibility--but there was no action to move me toward my goals.

Then I took a hard look at myself and my own beliefs and behavioral patterns that were making me fearful. In this case, I was thinking I wasn’t good enough or smart enough to create that website, even though I knew other people had done it successfully. I held the belief that you have to know everything about a computer in order to do it. I also had fun playing the victim card…poor, poor me!

I had to get rid of this fear. My favorite way to start erasing “false evidence appearing real” is to find an affirmation I can use to stop the chatter in my head and the pain in my gut. In this case, mine was, “I have no fear…I can do this easily and effortlessly!” Every time the fear would raise its ugly head, I would repeat this affirmation to remind myself that there is no fear, only my mind making it look real.

I had to change my thoughts regarding the building of my website. By changing my thoughts, I changed the Creative Process and was able to change the belief that it was something to be feared.

I took back my power. As soon as I let go of fear and the (false) idea that I wasn’t good enough, I found the task to be stimulating, creative and just plain fun!  Plus, I discovered I did not have to do it all by myself! There was a lot of support from the website builder and my own family and friends. By releasing the fear, I opened myself up to the Divine assistance that allowed the process to flow smoothly. Why did I ever think I had to go at it alone? Assistance is always available. ”Ask, Believe, Receive.”

When you’re feeling stuck, do an internal search and ask, “Is this about fear? Because fear is nothing more than my mind telling me a story that is not true!”

By monitoring your thoughts and releasing your fears, you will save yourself a lot of time, and you’ll sleep better at night. But more than that, you will be amazed at how powerful, creative, intelligent, and courageous you are.

Eat, Pray, Love

Take charge, release the fear, love yourself, love life!

Dr. Krysstine holds a PhD in Quantum Physics and Natural Health.  She also, has a Masters Degree in Natural Health  with an emphasis on Nutrition.  She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and is a Spiritual counselor.  She is a Psych-K practitioner and is an Level III practitioner in Matrix Energetics.

She is married with four children and 6 grandchildren.  She has dedicated her life to the fulfillment of happiness through her work, family, friends and being in service to the Divine.

She believes, teaches and lives the principle that life is created by the choices you make and the content of your thought, words and actions.  When you take personal responsibility for those choices, thoughts, words and actions, you create the life you desire. 

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