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Focus Your Attention

By Melanie Ethridge on Jun 15, 2016

This weekend I had the opportunity to spend more than 6 hours in trainings with publisher of Success Magazine and founder of the Insane Productivity program, Darren Hardy. This is a gentleman who, no doubt, has been able to accomplish some amazing things. And he's been able to do this by understanding what he wants to be good at and focusing his attention there.

In fact, Darren suggest that the number one skill to master to be your best, most productive, and most fulfilled in the 21st century is the skill of learning to control your attention.

Here are three simple things you can do this week to focus your attention:

Use Power Hours

Just a few weeks ago, we covered power hours in a great post you can read here. The idea of the power hour is to set aside time as sacred to be focused on your most important actions. This is a time to put the do not disturb sign on the door. Turn off calendars, email, social media and shut off your phones so that you can work uninterrupted. Put your attention 100% on the activity that you've set the time aside for you and you will multiply your productivity.

Turn Off Distractions

Our never ending attachment to our devices is creating a mental chaos that robs your productivity and overwhelm your brain. In fact, this is becoming so common that there is a new word in the dictionary for this: Digiphrenia: Digitally induced mental chaos. Create specific tech free times in your days to give your brain a break and support healthy attention in your life.

Stop Being Busy Being Busy

We equate business with feeling important, but so many times our unguided busyness distracts us from truly being productive in what is important in life. Choose to aim your busyness so that your attention is given to what you really want to create.


What is one thing you are going to do this week to focus your attention? Share your thoughts and let us know!

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