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Fun and Creative Marketing Strategies

By Amanda Sides on Jun 11, 2016

When you're starting a new business as a solopreneur or entrepreneur, getting the word out about what you do is a crucial part of your new project. And it probably always will be, at least until you get to the point where your old clients can't help but keep bringing you new clients! Certain franchises and direct selling companies have their own rules and regulations about how you can advertise, but even within those guidelines, there's still room for creativity.

You've already got an ad in a local publication and your social media is squared away. Now consider how one of these other forms of marketing could fit into your plan.


Maybe you could buy the baseball uniforms for a local team; you'd help them out and get your name featured on the uniform. If your business is at all related to health and fitness, you could put samples or coupons in the goodie bags given to 5k or marathon participants.

Sidewalk Chalk

When I was in college, all of a sudden the word "orange" was appearing in chalk on sidewalks all over campus. No one knew what it was about, and it got the entire student body talking for a week and a half until the big reveal.

Affiliate Program

Whatever you're selling, let someone else help you! These programs are ideal if the product or service is your own, because you don't pay any advertising fees until you get an actual sale, and the affiliates love it because they get a commission on each sale they refer. Seek bloggers and Facebook pages/groups with a wide reach that are related to what you offer and see if they'd like to become an affiliate.


Take the time to produce high-quality content on social media that makes people want to spread it around. Infographics and other visuals are easy for people to process and share.

Contests and Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff! Using your social media accounts, newsletter, or website as the platform, offer a free product or service in exchange for certain actions. If you use Rafflecopter, for example, you can award chances based on the number of actions the person performs. If he subscribes to your newsletter, he gets two entries; if he also shares the post on his social media, he gets another five entries. It benefits the entrants to spread the word for you, because it earns them more opportunities to win.


What creative marketing measures have you taken?

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