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How Your Health Affects Your Business

By Amanda Sides on Jun 10, 2016

It stands to reason that good business would create amazing opportunities for us to take care of our health: we can devote that well-deserved free time to exercise, meditation, healthy cooking, and stress-reducing leisure activities with our friends and family.

But good business and a healthy lifestyle actually create a beautiful cycle, with each greatly benefitting the other. Think about what happens when you're in top health.

Every Day Counts

Being sick in bed for a day or a week doesn't accomplish much. And chances are, you'll be feeling guilty and panicked about missing the work time, and the stress will make it harder to recover.

If you work through a sickness, any time spent not working is spent trying to recover (and, let's face it, feeling a little sorry for ourselves). That's precious time that a healthy you could be spending with your family or on your favorite activities.

You've Got More Energy

Running a business isn't for the lying-around sort. You've got things to do, and you need energy to do them!

You've Got a Better Outlook

Feeling great makes it easier to see the sunny side of everything. If you're already down and dealing with fatigue, sluggishness, or an illness, a little setback in your business could easily ruin your day — whereas a healthy you would accept the challenge, seek the lesson, and get it taken care of.

Being in a good mood also affects how you deal with clients and colleagues (as well as your family and friends); a happy, healthy you can better cope with conflicting personalities and concerned or upset clients.

You Think Clearly

You've got the time and attention span to really get creative and come up with the ideas your business needs to thrive.

You're Not Distracted

Ever tried to focus on work when you've got a cold? Darn near impossible. Staying healthy frees you to concentrate on what's important.


How does taking care of yourself help you take care of business?

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