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How to Be Persuasive, Not Pushy

By Brandy Rich on May 05, 2017

When you are in business, any business, you are in the business of relationships. How you maintain and cultivate those relationships can make either a positive or negative impact on your business.  You want to persuade people to do business with you, not send them running for the hills because you are pushy. Here are five ways to be persuasive, but not pushy, in your business.


I am a huge believer in the power of education. The more people know about what you are trying to sell, the better. When you are educating your customer, you want to point out differences between what you are selling versus what your competitor is selling.

Be passionate when talking about how amazing or wonderful your product or services are. Don’t make the mistake of bashing your competition or using phrases such as “our product/service is better.” This typically comes off as very unprofessional and pushy. Most people want to feel good about the people they do business with, and it will typically send a negative vibe if you engage in this kind of behavior.

Be Positive

There is a saying that “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” People typically want to be around others that have a positive disposition and are successful. The clients you attract are typically a direct reflection of your personality. It takes a lot more energy to be negative than positive. This also applies to anything posted on social media. Even when you think people are not watching, they always are. Pushy = negative.

The Power of Engagement

When you strike up a conversation with an old friend or acquaintance, do you typically hit them over the head with business talk or do you engage in a conversation about your lives? I’m willing to bet that you typically talk about what’s currently going on.  

Get to know your clients and be genuinely interested in what they are telling you. Takes notes if necessary. This will always work in your favor because it makes them feel special that you remembered something about their personal lives, and this will help persuade them to do business with you.  

Try to avoid cold contacting as this is typically perceived as pushy behavior. Instead, try having a conversation with them to see if what you are selling is something they really need or want.

I Need/Want

Avoid using these phrases whenever possible. In reality, it’s not about you: it’s about your potential clients.

For example, instead of saying, “I need five people to join my team,” say, “Who wants to be a part of a team that is accomplishing some amazing goals?” Another one I see a lot is, “I need to sell 10 products to meet my goal. Now who wants some?” How about saying instead, “I absolutely love this product!” and state why. Be authentic in your response.


Don’t talk when your potential customers are talking. Don’t interrupt. This is both pushy and rude.

Listen, and then repeat what they are telling you. This shows that you understand and have taken an interest in what they are saying. 

Keeping these five points in mind will help you to be less pushy and more persuasive in your business. No one enjoys dealing with a high-pressure business person, so simply don’t be one!


Brandy Rich is originally from Michigan, but she's been working in the beauty industry as a licensed esthetician and make-up artist in the Denver area for more than 10 years, She's also an Independent Beauty Guide with LimeLight by Alcone. You can follow her and her work on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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