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How to Give Back to Yourself

By Amanda Sides on Jun 10, 2016

Taking care of ourselves is an important part — perhaps the most important part — of living an enjoyable, balanced life. If we're unwell, we don't do anything well, and it's not a lot of fun, either.

Even during your busiest days and weeks, you've got to find time to give back to yourself so you can feel renewed, energized, and ready to meet the demands of your business.

Here are some simple and important ways to show yourself how much you care about yourself on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. 


Eat well. Choose healthy, life-giving foods: fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. Fuel your body for optimum performance.

Drink water. Our bodies are about 60% water. Staying properly hydrated prevents headaches, fatigue, and false food cravings.

Exercise. Make time every day to move, whether it's a trip to the gym, a long walk, or yoga in your chair at work.

Meditate. There's no right or wrong way to do this. Just take a few minutes to slow down, shut out the world, and breathe deeply. Give thanks.

Enjoy a small routine. Whatever it looks like, it's nice in the chaos of life to know that somewhere, there's something constant and familiar: in the morning when you wake up, a cup of coffee and a walk with your dog, for example.


Get a massage. A massage helps relieve stress and muscle tension, improves circulation, and can help you manage a wide range of issues like fatigue, headaches, sports injuries, and more.

Gather with friends. Socializing reduces stress and boosts your happiness, and it keeps you active and doing things you might not do on your own.

Reflect and prepare. Take time at the end of the week to look at what you accomplished. If there's a to-do that's nagging at you because it didn't get done, make an action plan for the week ahead to make sure you complete it.


Have an adventure. Take an afternoon or a couple of days to go off your beaten path and try something new.


How do you practice self-care on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis?

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