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How to Improve Your Writing

By Amanda Sides on Jun 11, 2016

Almost every business can benefit from good writing. Whether you're emailing clients or creating content for your blog, being able to communicate in writing is a powerful tool to boost your business.

Not everyone likes to write, and not everyone is good at it. If that's you, you could consider outsourcing this critical task, or you could work on getting better at it. Here's how.


As an entrepreneur, you're probably already reading quite a bit. Keep it up, and vary the material. Read the latest personal development books, novels, humor and satire columns, news articles, and your competitor's blog. Learn to recognize good writing, and take the time to identify what makes it good.


Start keeping a journal. You can write about anything at all. Maybe start by writing letters to family members (knowing that you're not going to send them), recording the day's events, or detailing your goals and dreams. You could use a random topic or writing prompt and give yourself a 10-minute window in which to complete your work. (An online search will yield lots of ideas, including these from Writer's Digest.)

Step Away

Coming back to your writing after an hour or even a couple of days gives you the opportunity to look at the work with fresh eyes. You're more likely to notice mistakes and get new ideas.


Yes, it takes longer than just hitting the "send" or "publish" button, but read over what you've written. Are there words or even entire paragraphs that could be taken out? Is it easy for the reader to understand your point?

Get Help

Ask someone to read your writing. If you're doing creative work, it's beneficial to join a writer's group or enlist help from a professor or professional rather than a friend because, after all, most good friends are going to be supportive and might not be able to offer the feedback you need. If you're writing an important email, ask a trusted colleague to offer his or her take on what you're saying.


Do you enjoy writing? Do you do it anyway or outsource it?

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