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Ideas for Your Business This Valentine's Day

By Amanda Sides on Jun 11, 2016

Whether you love it or hate it, (we know there are very few who are "neutral" about this particular holiday), Valentine's Day is a diversion after the big let-down following the nearly frantic fall and winter holiday season. By now, many winter-weather locations are mired in ice and snow, and February 14 provides a little something to look forward to during the long stretch until spring.

As a business owner, you can take advantage of this holiday as an opportunity to attract attention to what you have to offer and show appreciation to your clients. And if you have something to sell, keep in mind that in 2015, the National Retail Federation expected the average American to spend $142.31 on Valentine's Day gifts.

Offer a Deal

You could discount your goods or services by 14%, or offer 14 of something for the price of 12.

Love Your Customers

You might offer a discount to your entire customer base, or choose your top 10 customers based on amount of money or length of time spent with you and send them a gift that reflects your business.

It might be something from your own inventory or service list, a product that complements what you have to offer (like a set of fitness bands if you're a personal trainer), or just a good ol' box of chocolates or personalized candy. (For example, MyM&Ms offers personalization on their products.)

Run a Social Media Campaign

Ask followers to comment or Tweet about which products and services they love. Give away a prize to whoever shares the most often, or choose a winner at random via Rafflecopter.

You could also share your customer's Tweets or posts that are vaguely related to your business, even if they don't mention your business. If you're a personal trainer, retweet any health and fitness-related tweets your clients make, along with a note about how much you love what they're doing!


What Valentine's Day promotions do you have planned?

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