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Simple Ways to Start Developing Your Intuition

By Amanda Sides on Jun 10, 2016

We all know the feeling, whatever we'd like to call it: a hunch, a gut feeling, an intuitive hit. Most of us probably even know what it feels like to follow through on that feeling and leave the situation saying, "I knew it!"

However, we all know what it feels like to ignore it, too — and, perhaps, to leave with our heads in our palms, wondering why we didn't listen to that little voice that knew better all along.

This intuitive guidance is available to all of us, we just haven't all learned to listen to it yet. But the stakes are high: learning to listen could help you get out of a worn-out relationship before it gets really miserable, avoid a business deal with a shady character, or pursue a treatment even if a doctor says nothing's wrong. It's a skill worth developing.

It's said that the more you listen, the stronger the voice becomes, but where to start?

Ask your intuition for help on the little things.

What kind of sandwich do you want? At what time should you go to bed? Instead of making these decisions with your head, dive a little deeper and ask your intuition. Decide ahead of time to follow through with whatever answer it gives you, even if you feel like you're just making it up.

Pose questions ahead of time.

I discovered this completely by accident when I was in college. There were a string of things in a row that I wondered casually about, and within a couple of days the answers just showed up.

Start practicing with inconsequential things, like "How old is Nicole Kidman?" or "Which senator has served for the longest period of time?" and just be aware if and when the answer shows up for you (without asking Google). Then start asking questions you're struggling with: "Should I make the flyer blue or green? Should I take the week off to take a road trip with my spouse? Should I drop her as a client? Should I hire him as an assistant?" Ask repeatedly, and take notice when an answer becomes clear.

Notice and appreciate your intuition when it pops up.

I like to think of my intuition as an extremely talented but self-conscious little person living inside of me. When it steps up and does a good job, I praise and thank it lavishly, hoping to boost its confidence enough to guarantee its return.

Now… get ready to explore! There are a lot of exercises designed to help you develop your intuition. When you're ready to devote a little more time to this practice, do a little research and start playing.

How do you nurture your intuition?

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