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Live Out Loud

By Melanie Ethridge on Jun 15, 2016

If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud. –Emile Zola

“Live out loud” is a beautiful sentiment, and has almost become cliché—in words, though, not actions. In fact, most people go through life, day by day, doing the same things they’ve always done while wishing for more out of life.

The good news is ‘living out loud’ doesn’t necessarily require something drastic. In fact, here are three simple things you can do this week to live out loud.

Change Your Appearance

You can do this subtly or drastically. Change your hair color or style (or put a crazy colored streak in your hair) or keep it subtle and simply switch which side you part your hair. Wear glasses instead of contacts or contacts instead of glasses. Wear a shirt in a color you normally wouldn’t consider. Switching up your appearance may seem like a small thing, but it is enough to interrupt an auto-pilot life and introduce some new fun—and no doubt conversations about your change—into your life.

Try Something New

Your possibilities here are almost endless. Try a new exercise. Eat a new food. Shop at a new store. Meet a new person. Play a new game. Watch a new show. Plant a new plant. Find something you’ve never done, tried, or experienced before and give it a go. Not that we needed science to prove this one, but studies have shown that doing something new at first can be a little stressful, but ultimately brings richness and increased happiness in our lives.

Do Something That Scares You a Little 

Certainly doing new things can seem a bit scary, but sometimes doing something you already do, and maybe do often, just a little bit differently can be a bit scary but super exhilarating to go for. Maybe you’ve been a runner for a while and there’s a hill you think would be a great challenge, but you’ve been afraid to try it before. Maybe there’s a class you’d like to take, a new thing you’d like to do for your business, something you’d like to try with your family but it’s always been just a little bit of a stretch. Well, this is your week—go for it! The sense of accomplishment we receive from doing something that scares us fuels us and helps us build confidence that we can both be and do more than we previously thought we could.


What are you going to do this week to live out loud?

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