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Melanie's Story

By Administrator on Dec 19, 2014

Hey there. Melanie Ethridge here. Founder of Growth Advance. I’m glad you are here.

I believe that in the world today a whole new league of Entrepreneurs is rising up.
We no longer have to sell our time (our lives, really) to the highest bidder who will define the worth of an hour of our lives.  No more. These Entrepreneurs understand that we live in a time of unmatched opportunity for anyone who is willing to work for it, to create a successful, meaningful business AND a life they love living. Smart entrepreneurs today realize that creating success no longer means you must sacrifice your health or your relationships along the way. They realize that you can work smarter, not longer. They realize that community is important. They realize that continuous growth is essential.

I know this because I am one of these Entrepreneurs. And I bet you are, too.

If you are reading this, then you are literally seeing the materialization of one of my most important dreams. Something I worked hard for because I believed it was important and would make a positive difference in the world. A dream created while living out the principles we embrace here at Growth Advance.

But it wasn’t always unicorns and butterflies.

I remember my senior year of college having this feeling of dread that was growing with each passing day. I remember this underlying feeling that as soon as I graduated my life would no longer be my own, but that instead, I’d be owned by my job. Dramatic? Perhaps. But I prefer to think that it was my inner Entrepreneur rising up. And then I landed an internship with a well-known company and these feelings increased a hundredfold. It was ultimately a softball game that changed everything for me. (Great story. I’ll have to tell you sometime.)

I began looking for ways to be in business for myself—but I had no frame of reference for this. And so when I launched my first business at the age of 22, I did actually build it to a huge level of success very quickly, but with much stress, little sleep, and a total lack of balance.

When life gave me a hard wake-up call with some serious health issues at a very young age, I realized that being an entrepreneur was still the answer, but that I had to be a smarter Entrepreneur.

I put my health, my relationships and my spirit on the same level of importance as creating success. And for good measure, I decided to bring fun and adventure back, too.

And an amazing thing happened. My business actually grew. I was working less and stressing less, and my business grew. I regained my health. I felt a stronger and deeper connection with God than ever before. I was doing more to care for and honor the gift that planet earth is to us. And I was having a massively good time in life.

I was able to start investing in real-estate (a life-long dream). And then start-up companies (something I’ve learned I REALLY love). And I was able to realize a life-long dream of selling everything and moving to South America to learn Spanish. (Si. Es la verdad. Ahora puedo decir mas que ‘nacho’ y ‘yo quiero taco bell'...not that I ever actually wanted taco bell.)

And now you’re reading this. Which means Growth Advance Magazine and the Growth Advance Community are a reality. What you’re reading represents a dream that I have had since college—of owning and publishing my own ACTUAL magazine. Something I thought I’d never be able to do. And the community aspect? This was a dream that developed as I built my first business—that forward thinking Entrepreneurs should have a community where they can connect with other people just like themselves to encourage and empower them to be the absolute best version of themselves that they can be—people who believe that businesses can have a significant positive impact in the world. And that business should fit your lifestyle. I dreamed of a community of Entrepreneurs who believe that financial success, great relationships, vibrant health, a connected spirituality, a healthy planet, incredible fun and adventures can (and should) all coexist in their lives.

And now you’re experiencing it. Welcome to Growth Advance. I SO look forward to seeing the materialization of YOUR most important dreams.

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