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Online Education When You're Short on Time

By Amanda Sides on May 22, 2016

We love online learning. You have access to all the information you need to grow your business (and yourself!) right in the comfort of your living room. But we know that between your business, your family, and yourself, it can be hard to find time to enroll in that weeks-long online class, even if you can work at your pace on your schedule.

So we're extra-loving this discovery: bite-sized online courses to keep you learning in the time you have!


First, you take an interview designed to gauge your interest and experience. From there, you get your own personal CQ (Curious Quotient) Wheel divided into topics and subtopics that you can explore further.

You decide whether you want to devote five, 15, or 30 minutes per day to your Curious education.

Cost: You can get started for free to gain access to a limited amount of content, but the price is $29.99 per year for access to everything.


Every high brow course is 10 days long. That means 10 lessons, one per day, delivered to your inbox. They only take about five minutes to read, so you can easily complete the course during breakfast, coffee, or your commute. It's all text and there's no homework, but it breaks a subject down into super-manageable chunks to help you get a nice overview or practical tips in a wide range of subjects: art, business, health, language, philosophy, science, technology, and more.

There is a lot here that is of interest to entrepreneurs and business-builders. For inspiration, check out History's Greatest Entrepreneurs.

Cost: Free! However, they do limit you to one course at a time. They want to make sure you're staying focused and actually learning what you signed up to learn.


This site offers another huge selection of courses, ranging from makeup tutorials and DIY home decor to marketing strategies and hiring a good lawyer. Many are 3-10 minutes long, but there are courses lasting several hours if you have the time to delve a little deeper into a topic of interest.

Cost: There are many free courses. Others have prices starting around $5 and going up from there. 

Have you used any of these online learning opportunities? Which classes do you recommend?


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