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Outsourcing For Solopreneurs

By Amanda Sides on Jun 10, 2016

If you're starting a business, you're probably looking at hiring a staff who will handle a lot of the tasks you don't have time for. But even solopreneurs can benefit from outsourcing, even though you don't need employees to run the business.

Your time is valuable, and it's easy to get stressed out if you're dividing it among the tasks that need to be completed for your business to succeed, and those that just need to be completed, anyway. Finding people who can complete certain tasks gives you more time to focus on your business — and more time to spend with family and on leisure pursuits, all part of the balanced lifestyle we're striving for.

The bottom line is that if you can hire someone to complete a task for less than what you can make per hour doing what you do best, it's probably worth it. Here are five things we're happy to outsource so we can make better use of our time.


The cost of domestic help depends a lot on where you live, but hiring someone to clean your home even once a week can save you several hours of time: vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, washing clothes and dishes, folding clothes and putting dishes away, organizing the refrigerator — the list goes on, and those are income-producing hours for you.

As an added bonus, if you live with a partner, having help with the cleaning could ease your relationship stress, since neither of you will need to feel put-upon to do all the work. Having cleaning help has saved my partner and I a lot of resentment and squabbles over whose turn it is to do the dishes, or the fact that I am always the one who sweeps. (True story. But see? Not bitter anymore! Someone else does it!)

Social Media

Developing quality content for multiple platforms can take a lot of time, but it's a very important project when it comes to spreading the word about what you do. You can't afford to let it slide; therefore, it's worth every penny to hire someone to make sure you have a strong social media presence.


For entrepreneurs and solopreneurs especially, taxes are complicated. Getting professional help not only saves you a lot of time and headache, it will also help insure you're keeping all the money you deserve. Get a head start on taxes by carefully tracking your income and expenses throughout the year so when tax time comes, all you have to do is hand your well-organized (right?) shoe box to your accountant.

Writing and Editing

There are content creators who can write your blog for you, saving you lots of time, especially if writing isn't one of your top talents or interests. Even if your grammar game is strong, it can be tough to proofread your own work (even an important email) after a long day of working and/or staring at a computer screen.

Errands and Shopping

And not just grocery shopping: gift shopping, too, especially the people for whom you really want to find something special. Let someone else spend hours perusing the many options, then come back to you with the top picks. After you make the final decision on the perfect presents, he or she can also order them or pick them up, wrap them, and take them to the post office to mail.


Consider outsourcing any project you don't find enjoyable, if you know someone else could do it equally well. What other projects do you outsource?

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