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Hit the Trail! Running Statistics to Motivate and Inspire

By Amanda Sides on Apr 06, 2017

As the weather gets nicer and the days get longer, getting your running shoes out of the closet is much more appealing. Walking and running are great forms of exercise for an entrepreneur. You don't need to keep time with a gym schedule (or pay those fees) and you can do it anywhere you find yourself traveling for work or play. Training for a marathon or another race gives you motivation to stick to a training schedule and provides a way to meet more people. (Check out our recent story about Impact Marathon for the opportunity to run, travel, and make a difference!)

If you take up running, you'll be in good company. (Melanie and Amanda are both marathon finishers!) Although 2015 saw a slight decline in the number of people who finished races of all distances, lots of people are still lacing up their shoes. Are you one of them? Take a look at these stats from Running USA's 2015 report:

  • In 2015, there were 17,114,800 finishers in running events in the United States.
  • Half of all finishers were age 25-44.
  • 5K was the most popular race distance, accounting for 45% of all race finishers.
  • There were 509,000 marathon finishers, accounting for 3% of all race finishers.
  • 56% of marathon finishers were male.
  • 61% of half-marathon, 58% of 10K, and 59% of 5K finishers were female.
  • The TCS New York City Marathon was the most popular marathon, with 49,365 finishers.

Is running a part of your workout routine? Do you run races? Tell us a bit about how and why you got started!

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