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Should You Be an Entrepreneur?

By Amanda Sides on Jun 11, 2016

Being your own boss and working from home sounds like the best thing ever, and while we at Growth Advance definitely encourage this lifestyle (it's kind of our thing, too), we understand that it's not for everybody.

We are forever on your side, encouraging you to develop the skills you need to be a successful entrepreneur or solopreneur. Still, it's worth checking in with yourself along the way. (I do it all the time.)

Becoming an entrepreneur requires a deep commitment with a willingness to fail and try again. Are you ready?

"I don't need anyone telling me what to do."

This is different from not wanting anyone to tell you what to do. Are you driven and self-motivated? Can you identify what needs to be done and just do it without needing anyone to tell you to?

"I'm not afraid of risk or failure."

There is risk in all areas of life, but starting a business or going out on your own is a big one. It's important that you understand the risks and move ahead intelligently, but fearing those risks and making decisions from a point of fear will never give you the space you need to succeed fully.

"I love learning."

Going into business for yourself is probably going to require you to brush up on a few topics and skills — and to keep doing that as you grow.

"I love people."

Working for yourself requires a lot of networking: you need to get out there and meet the people who can help you succeed, as well as the people who will become your best customers.

"I want to change the world."

It sounds grandiose when you put it that way, but at the heart of the statement is something very important: you want to help people. You want what you do to matter. You want to bring positive change to the world through good business.

It's one thing to make money; it's another thing to make money because you're providing a service that people truly need and want. It becomes a win-win situation: everyone benefits because you had the courage to become an entrepreneur.


Which of the statements above are true for you?

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