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Does Your Business Address One of These Universal Desires?

By Amanda Sides on Jun 09, 2016

For a lot of people, the desire to start a business comes from knowing what kind of business they want to start. But as more and more of us decide earlier on in life that we don't want to spend our time working toward someone else's dream, the realization that we want to be our own boss might come before knowing exactly what we want to be the boss of.

There are certain universal desires that each one of us is striving to meet in one way or another. If you can meet one of these needs in a valuable way, you've got your own business.


Without our health, we don't have much. It's difficult to pursue goals if we're in pain, unhappy with our weight, or sick in bed. Now more than ever, there is a lot of misinformation regarding health, fitness, and nutrition. Health care costs are rising. We're stressed to the max as we balance fun with responsibility and work with family. People are looking for a better way.


We all want to be loved, as evidenced by the large and ever-growing number of people using online dating services. According to Statistic Brain, more than 49 million people in the US have tried online dating, and has more than 23 million users; a Business Insider article from February 2014 said that online dating revenues amount to more than $1.2 billion per year. Add that to all the efforts we make (and money we spend) to find partners offline.

And that's just romance. We also spend on books, workshops, and counseling to mend and develop the other relationships in our lives.


Perhaps in an effort to improve our chances at a romantic partnership, we spend a lot of money on our appearance. There were 15.6 million cosmetic procedures performed in 2014, according to the annual report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons — the most popular being breast augmentation — at a cost of $12.9 billion. Of course, that doesn't include the billions spent on cosmetics and hair care, gym memberships and what people hope are quick-fix gadgets and diet plans.


There are very few people in the world who would turn down the chance to make more money, meaning you might be able to build your fortune by teaching or helping others to do the same.


How does your business help meet one of these needs?

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