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Creating a Vision Board

By Amanda Sides on Jun 10, 2016

Making a list of goals is a great idea, and you should definitely do that. Double up your focus by creating a vision board in addition to that list. A vision board helps you get a clear picture in your mind of what your dreams look like, and it keeps them front and center for you as you pursue them.

You'll have as much fun making a vision board as you did making those collages in elementary school. It's easy, creative, and it lets your imagination run wild.

You'll need a large poster board, glue, scissors, and lots and lots of magazines. (Ask friends, dental and medical offices, and even the local library for back issues.) Give yourself a quiet afternoon alone (or with like-minded friends or your spouse) to complete this project. If you have something really specific in mind, you might print it out from your computer if you can't find it in the magazines. Consider creating an individual board and another board full of pictures that represent the goals you share with your partner.

These are the simplest four steps ever:

1. Browse the internet and magazines to find pictures of anything that pleases you. The more specific, the better.

2. Cut them out and arrange them on your board. Add words that mean something to you, or dates by which you intend to see each goal accomplished.

3. Dream big! Whatever you'd like to do — own a business, make 10 million dollars, marry your ideal mate, adopt a child, learn to knit, ride a camel through the desert, stay a the most expensive hotel in the world, bake a pie without burning it — it belongs on this board.

4. Hang your creation in your bedroom, bathroom, office, or anywhere you can see it every day. Allow those images to take hold in your mind, and make those dreams a reality!


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