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Why Blog?

By Amanda Sides on Jun 09, 2016

It seems like everyone has a blog these days, and for good reason. Don't let doubt or excuses keep you from starting one of your own. Just start writing. I can say this with confidence because a couple of years ago, I finally overcame my own doubt and started my blog. These are all benefits I've experienced from it.

1. You'll become a better writer.

Have you ever gotten one of those poorly constructed emails full of spelling errors and run-on sentences? Believe me (I'm a bit of a grammar nerd, but still), you don't want to sound like that when you write. The more you write, the better you'll get, and you'll be less at risk of sending an unprofessional email. Blogging regularly is a great way to practice and develop your writing skills.

2. It keeps you focused and disciplined.

You've got to get on a schedule and post regular content to keep your readers engaged. A blog also forces you to clearly define your message and identity so you can write the posts your audience wants to read, the posts they will come to expect from you.

3. It's self-promoting – in a good way.

It's like a long online resume. Potential clients can get a sense of who you are and what you do best. It gives a voice to you and your brand, and helps people feel more connected to you even before they've met you personally.

4. It educates your public.

A blog allows you to go into detail about your products and services. Every post gives you an opportunity to inform your readers about what you do.

5. You'll have a record.

Of your life, of your work, of your writing. Go back a year from now and see what was important to you today. Notice how your writing has changed and how your business has evolved.

6. You'll build connections.

You can engage in conversations with your audience as they respond to your writing. You're also apt to start reading similar blogs and connecting with those writers, perhaps to exchange guest posts or even just to comment on what they're doing. Your network will grow as your blog does.


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