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You're Not the Only One Who Doesn't Have It All Figured Out

By Amanda Sides on Jun 12, 2016

Remember being about 14 years old, looking at the adults and thinking about how great it will be when you, too, have it all figured out?

And now you're 33, wondering how you (and you alone) somehow managed to miss the I've-Got-It-Figured-Out Boat.

Just me? I don't think so.

I'm not really alone, and neither are you. You just think you are, along with everyone else who thinks they are.

Truth is, none of us really have it figured out. We all have moments where we wonder if we're on the right track, if we're having a great enough impact, if we've made the right decisions. But the fact remains that, to an untrained eye, there are people out there who seem to have it all figured out.

These people, whom we'll represent collectively with a heroine named Winnie (that's right: as in "winner"), have a few things in common. Adopt these habits for yourself, and you'll not only appear to have it all together, you'll start to feel more that way, too.

Winnie Keeps Trying

Maybe she starts a business that fails. So, she starts another one. She looks like she's got it all figured out because she's always moving toward her goals with purpose and intention.

Winnie Feels the Fear and Does It Anyway

Winnie didn't inherently know how to buy a used car, how to travel alone, or how to speak to a group. Winnie looks like she's got life by the horns because she was afraid of these things, then did them anyway.

Now she's not afraid of them anymore (or if she is, she's already proven to herself that she can do them and does them again with that knowledge); she moves easily toward these activities where others might shy away.

Winnie Harnesses the Power of Her Team

She's got accountants and financial planners to help her with her money, she's got a lawyer to examine her contracts, and she watches YouTube videos when she needs to make adorable character cupcakes for her son's birthday party.

Winnie is not smarter than you. She is not more talented. She probably wasn't even born with better fashion sense. She just surrounds herself with people who make it look that way while she focuses on what she does best.

And that is something you can do, too.


How do you keep it all together?

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